Tuesday, September 02, 2014

September Sketching Challenge

Up for a challenge? Grab a sketchbook, pad of paper, or even 30 index cards and take a few minutes each day to add some art to your life...

Monday, September 01, 2014

Art Swarm Retreat November 7 - November 10

I am so thrilled to be teaching at Art SWARM in November at the Beehive Studio in Warner, NH. I'll be one of five teachers at the long weekend workshop. I kick off the classes on Friday.
One of the great things about the program is that all supplies are included!
Each day has open studio time so each person can work on their projects, try out new supplies, and get group feedback.
Without further adieu...
FRIDAY, Nov. 7th

Gelli Lab Class 
- Daniela Mellen & Bonnie Wright -

The first class in the Art SWARM weekend kicks off with gelatin printing using the Gelli Arts® Gelli Plate. Come play with this fun versatile tool to create mono prints with stencils, tools, masks, paints, and papers. Techniques will be demonstrated during class time and then an open studio will follow in the afternoon. During this time students can work on creating additional prints, learn to make texture tools and experiment with advanced techniques.
Gelli Lab is a chance to create lots of printed papers that will be used in other Art SWARM workshops this weekend.

Additional supplies will be provided that will give students an opportunity to play with new materials.

Small Gelli plates will be available, but students can bring their own larger plates. If you prefer not to share items, bring your own brayers, stencils and masks. (Some supplies will also be available at a discount in the studio shop).

SATURDAY, Nov. 8th ... a day of Book-making!

-Lisa Heron-

Create a canvas covered portfolio styled book with pockets to hold all your projects from the Art Swarm. Use your Gelli prints for the cover or pages, or add color after construction of the book. Get creative with a ribbon tied closure and colored stitched binding.
Add beads from the Gelli Gems workshop to embellish the book. 

Meander Book
-Bette Abdu-

This little Meander Book can not only fit inside the Portfolio, but it can hold your Labyrinth (created on Sunday). Another great use for your Gelli prints.

[photos will be added soon.]

SUNDAY, Nov. 9th 

The Tangled Labyrinth
-Sadelle Wiltshire -

Labyrinths show up in many social and faith cultures around the world.  Some date back as far as 4,000 years or more. The most common form are labyrinths that one walks, as a form of spiritual meditation. 

In this workshop, learn how to construct and draw a variety of labyrinth forms for use as a string in your Zentangle Inspired Art. Experience a guided labyrinth meditation using a simple finger labyrinth, and learn to "walk" with tangles that work well to stay with that quiet, centered path you'll be following with your pen.  If time allows, we may even walk a local labyrinth as part of the afternoon "Open studio" option. 

Gelli Paper Beads, Pendants, Buttons and more!
-Sadelle Wiltshire -
Make a unique piece of paper jewelry using your Gelli printed papers and some watercolor paper core. Strong and sturdy, these are perfect for pins, pendants, earrings, buttons.   This is a fun and easy way to use up your leftover or "fugly" prints.  We'll also use thin strips to make gelli print rolled beads. Great for jewelry, accessories, buttons, trinkets for your handmade books and book closures.  No jewelry experience necessary.

MONDAY, Nov. 10th

Sketch-Doodle Stew
-Sandy Bartholomew-

Drawing (pun intended) from the art of SketchNotes, Tangling and Doodling - We'll throw it ALL into the pot and see what we can cook up. You'll learn how to get the ideas out of your head and onto your journal page. Even if you think you can't draw. 

Using Zentangle as our guide - everything can be broken down into simple steps that build on each other. Whether you want to draw faces, buildings, food, imaginary creatures or interesting words, they all start with simple shapes.

We will use Gelli prints from Friday, and the journal you make on Saturday, as well as practice sheets to build skills and experiment. Sheer Heaven will be used to transfer sketches onto our final pieces.

Black pens will be used for most of the work with some Inktense and paint pens thrown in for color. All materials will be provided, but feel free to bring your own coloring materials to use during the Open Studio.

- Details and FAQs -

 • When is it?
November 7-10th, 2014. That's Friday morning until Monday afternoon. We'll do stuff in the evenings too. Friday night we'll have a party for Lisa and eat pizza and watch a movie, and probably do some tangling.

• Can I sign up a la carte?
You get all these fabulous classes for one insanely low price of $300.
That's 6 classes, basic materials included, plus 4 Open Studios with teachers available to encourage, assist, or hold your hand if necessary.

• But I only want to take Sadelle's class on Labyrinths. I don't care about all the other artsy-fartsy stuff!
Well, fine. There are five spots available for Sunday's workshops (Labyrinths and Gelli Jewels) for $125 for the day. But that's it, so don't even think of asking for more.

• How much is it if I only want to come for one day? Two days? Three days?
One day... $300
Two days... $300
Three days... $300 

• Is room and board included?
The classes are all in my (very nice) studio on Main Street in Warner. One person with a sleeping bag could camp out in the bear cave (yes, I have a bear cave) and dine on Tootsie Rolls... the rest could stay at a small Inn nearby and more adorable Inns in the next town, plus a wide price range of hotels in Concord, NH (15 minutes on I-89) We will post a list of hotels and restaurants soon. 

• I'm coming from far away, but I hate dealing with travel arrangements. Can you book my flights and hotel? Rental car? Pick me up from the airport?
But I feel your pain. I hate dealing with that stuff too.
If you would like help, please contact Debbie Lick at Treehouse Travel:
phone: 603-229-7074
email: treehousetravel@gmail.com
If you fly into Manchester, NH, we can arrange for someone to pick you up if you don't want to rent a car.

• What is so great about your studio compared to a fancy-schmancy hotel-retreat?
 - we can have a small group without worrying about meeting the hotel's minimums.
 - The BeeHive is a very happy, buzzin' studio.
 - It is filled with very cool, inspiring art to look at.
 - Zentangle everywhere...
 - Work areas, slop sink, bathroom, K-cup machine...
 - There are windows, so you don't feel like you are in a dark box.
 - Good lighting.
 - I have lots of "toys" I'll let you play with during Open Studio sessions... like two Accu-cut die-cutter machines with a gazillion dies. They can cut paper, cardboard, thin metal, fabric... (bring stuff you want to cut up).
 - test out art materials you want to play with but don't want to shell out money for.
 - there's stuff for sale - art materials, books, rubber stamps...
 - happy Minions. 
 - we teachers are here to serve YOU.
 - and there are hoola hoops. 

• Where is it?
The BeeHive studio is at 19 East Main Street in Warner, NH. It is Exit 8 off I-89, in the middle of town (don't blink, you'll miss it). 

• How many students will be there?
The absolute maximum will be 25 students. We want everyone to have enough space and attention.

• Do I get "stuff"?
Sure. We love stuff. You'll get materials for each class, plus some other secret stuff to play with.

• What is it?
It's secret. You have to sign up to find out.

• Sign me up! Where do I click?
Click right here to sign up for the whole Art Swarm:

Sunday, August 31, 2014


We had a great week of sunny weather. Even though the temperatures drop in the evening, we have been lucky to have beautiful and comfortable days.
The Market Basket saga is over and the sale went through after six weeks. We have our grocery store back.
I love looking over and seeing my daughters teaching themselves to knit. I am in awe of them and their determination and hard work. They focus on their academics and yet take creative leaps that impress me to no end.
We received a postcard from Allie's boyfriend who was visiting his family before school starts. I am glad to see he has such a good sense of humor. (At least, I hope he's kidding!)
I am blessed to have these two angels for daughters.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Illustrated Recipe: Grilled Romaine

My friend Natasha and I go to a restaurant over the Vermont - NH border that makes a delicious grilled salad. Natasha recommended it to me and I was surprised that she was talking about the lettuce. Since she raved about it, I ordered it as well and it was surprisingly delicious. The lettuce was partially wilted and partially charred.The flavors added to the dish and gave a subtle texture as well as flavor what was wonderful.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Always Bring Your Own Sunshine

Don't let a cloudy day dictate your mood. Always bring your own sunshine.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

End of Summer

Technically, it's not the end of summer... that doesn't happen until September 23rd, the Autumnal Equinox. But with the girls getting ready to go back to school our time at the beach is done.
I sketched this picture on the plane home.. thinking that we will be missed... at least by some.
The girls start their fall semester at Boston University next Tuesday. Allie's a senior and Ashley's a junior. Oh, my. How did I ever get two upperclassmen in college?

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Once in a Blue Lobster?

We all know the expression, once in a blue moon, but have you heard how rare blue lobsters are?
The odds of finding a blue lobster in the ocean are one in two million! (1 : 2,000,000)!
Defying the odds, 14 year old Meghan LaPlante and her father, who own a lobster catch company, found one in their traps!
The blue shell is due a genetic defect... But, there is a happy ending for the lobster, he's now living a protected life in Maine's State Aquarium.