Sunday, September 17, 2006

Healing Soup

My father makes a chicken broth that he swears has medicinal values. I sometimes doubt him, until I realize that he is the healthiest man I know. Even his physician was impressed by his bloodwork stats. Who am I to argue? However, I altered his recipe and added even more "healing stuff". This is comfort food at its best. It is easy, quick and so comforting. I make it when we are feeling like we are coming down with a cold. I serve it with berry scones or biscuits and jam for a sweet kick.

2 T olive oil
4 garlic cloves, chopped
1 chopped onion
1 T grated crystallized ginger
small bunch chopped parsley
4 T lemon juice or 2 packets TrueLemon
28 ounces chicken broth
leftover torn chicken (optional)
sprinkle of red pepper
salt and pepper

1/2 box angel hair pasta, broken

Cook pasta in large pot according to directions.

In another pot add oil to Dutch Oven. Sautee onion till soft, add garlic, red pepper and ginger.
Add chicken broth and heat until simmering. Add parsley and chicken.

Drain pasta and add to soup pot. Season with salt and pepper and serve. Yummy


Lala said...

You shouldn't post our father's secret recipes on-line. Remember what happened to Jerry and the Soup Nazi? Love, Tony Tomato

Débrouillard said...

Way to go DannyB! I know from experience the wonders and mysteries of our father’s brodo di pollo. I think it was dispensed to us growing up as the cure all-and it did; I remember the sensation of the hot oily liquid coating the inside of my throat as it diffused throughout my system, working its magic. I also have vague memories of it being served in and accompanied by a (plastic yogurt) cup of freshly squeezed orange juice, in the early mornings on high speed car rides to school. (Dad used to idolize Italian race car drivers, and sometimes would take that admiration to new levels, but with all that he accomplished in a day, if he didn’t speed, he never would have gotten to where he needed to go…) I remember that he also adds curry to the soup, and makes the broth from bones that he has stewed, sung to, mashed, and strained. I can picture the finished product now; a tawny amber solution that reminds me of a lava lamp. You recipe is more refined, while still profiting from all the health benefits-brava!
I look forward to perusing this blog of yours.