Monday, May 19, 2008

The Lanai and My Messy Kitchen

Here is the first picture leading into the lanai...As you can see, the chicken coop is on the right, there are 2 stairs leading to the lanai.  
I am still working on organizing it, so I will get a photo out soon when it is done.

I know the photo is of an uncompleted room, but you can see the color of our walls.  I love the color, it is so warm, kind of like a light cinnamon...

Also, you can see the kitchen tile, and where it meets the new much fun!!!!
Now, this isn't the greatest photo, but it is MY NEW KITCHEN!
You can see the breakfast bar to the right, the wood formica countertop, the lights (OK, not all the lights are up as you can see)
But, you can see the changes, including the new wood floor and how open the kitchen is.
There is a lot of wood in the photo, but it really isn't so dominant in person.  It looks country and homey in person.

The room to the right, is our addition.  Where the breakfast bar is, used to be the great outdoors!  Can you believe that it used to be so small before?  Now it is open and spacious.  I love it!

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