Friday, May 02, 2008

More on the HomeFront...

Well, big progress was made this week at home.  I will post pics this weekend, but for now, let me say WOW!
The counters are in!  The breakfast bar is up and awaiting trim.. I will post the finished pics which should be done early next week.
The countertops are all in and so is the backsplash.  It is so clean looking and great!  We replaced many cabinets with drawers (and they are all in!).  The cabinets were hanging from the ceiling and really divided the kitchen in "cooking area" and eating area.  Removing the hanging cabinets opened up the kitchen tremendously.  We chose to not hang them back up and the room looks huge (by comparison) and opened.  I absolutely love it.
I have a long kitchen island that stores the pots and pans, all my baking supplies in drawers and my knife and cooking tool drawers.  I know have a long area to prepare foods and I can't wait to use it.
The breakfast bar is really a piece of furniture on its own.  We spend so much time in the kitchen, chatting while I am cooking or cleaning, that it makes sense to have this built in countertop for the kids to eat at or work on their homework.
Ash built me a extra-sturdy bookcase that I moved into the kitchen (with her help).  I reorganized my cookbooks (found a good one for Theo & Claudia that I am saving for Dame) and cleared my shelves of clutter.
I am still organizing my supplies, cleaning as I go.  I totally vacuum, dust and polish before I return things to the cupboards or drawers.  I only return things that I love.  (I have 3 bags of housewares going to the local thrift shop next week.)
I am looking forward to next week, as more changes are in store.  (The breakfast bar should be complete, the flooring should start going down and my lanai will be even closer to being ready to move into!

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Laurie & Damian said...

Oh good! My kids do need to learn to cook for me!

Again, can't wait to see the house.