Saturday, May 10, 2008

Now things are happening!

The Lanai is complete!  The Lanai is complete!  
Dean finished laying the floors and putting up the trim.  I have to touch up some paint, but I am ready to move in!  I am thrilled. I have no time in which to do that, but, I will find the time (who needs sleep, when I can have a 100% working lanai!)

Now, Dean is working on the closet for storage in the kitchen, which will be wonderful when complete, as I can move in all the stuff that is on the counters, waiting for a home.
This closet is totally "custom" to our crazy lifestyle.  It will house our tennis bags (actually, when I came home, there was a note on the counter that said, "Daniela, I put your tennis bag in the closet to see how it fit."  So I guess someone was very proud of his work.)  The closet is very odd shaped and it is going to be the most efficient use of space possible.  So far, it has the tennis bag shelf, a shelf for shoes and one more shelf.  I can not wait.  Things are happening so quickly.
ETA for the closet 1 more working day!  I can NOT stand it!

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