Saturday, May 17, 2008

What a Difference a Week Makes!

I am thrilled!  I have a closet COMPLETED!  I have a living room with fresh hardwood flooring!  i have a completely floored kitchen.  The lanai is complete, I just have to finish moving into it!
I am awaiting the dining room addition being floored and light fixtures going up.
Then the big move!

The living room is bare, we have no furniture and are awaiting a delivery of our new couch.
We decided to go with a new sectional.  It was a negotiation, but we finally agreed on a couch.  It is comfy and beautiful and CHOCOLATE.  The picture is off-white, but the one we purchased is dark brown.  The walls in the living room are warm beige, the couch will be chocolate and I will add beige and turquoise accent pillows.  The couch is to be delivered on Wed, so I will post a picture then...

The closet is great.  It holds even more than I want.  I call it the "Chicken Coop" because I have accent pieces of wooden chickens inside it.  It makes me smile and it very fun to look inside a utility closet and see pastel wooded chicks.  I love how whimsical it is!  So fun.  Jon just raises his eyebrows at me and shakes his head.
The girls love it.  What is not to love?  Everyone needs a chicken coop inside their home.

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