Saturday, June 21, 2008

End of School Celebration!

Well my two celebrated the end of their school year.  Hooray!
They have done so well.
The oldest, in addition to her schooling took robotics, math team, tennis, game club.  She integrated into the high school and enjoyed it.  She matured, developed a deep sense of confidence and blossomed!  She is even more divine and lovely.  I adore her!
The youngest, in addition to golf club, sewing club and jazz band grew about 6 inches since the school year started.  She got even more beautiful (if that is possible).  Ash is tall, confident and looks like a tenth grader.  High school watch out!

Of course, I took them for shakes!  Gram would be proud of them.

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piera said...

Gram and Grampa are definetly looking down and amazed how well they are doing. Look at the date, June 21st, Happy Birthday Gram. We all miss you and Grandpa very much! We love you!!!!!!!!!!