Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Delicious Iced Tea

I am a tea lover.  I love iced tea, hot tea, tea flavored cakes and scones, chai tea, black tea, green tea...
I make iced tea in many ways.  
1- I take leftover tea from breakfast, put it in a pitcher and chill it in the fridge.
2- I cold brew tea, by placing tea bags in a pitcher of cold water and placing it in the fridge for a few hours.
3- I used to use the "Iced Tea Pot" by Mr.Coffee that made delicious tea in 10 minutes, but took so much ice.
4- I even used the instant iced tea (lemon & sugar flavor).
5- I love Thai iced tea.  What a treat!

Well, this summer, with all the heat, I have been making this delicious iced tea that can be made from tea bags on hand.
For one pot of tea, boil the water.
In the pot, add 2 bags red zinger (or a berry flavored tea), 1 bag of mint tea (peppermint), 1 bag of camomile tea, 1 bag of Red Rose tea, 1 bag of constant comment.
Pour the water over the tea bags and steep for 10 min. 
Remove bags, pour tea into a pitcher and chill until cold.

I like it served over ice, the girls like it with a splash of simple syrup that I keep in the fridge.

Alternate versions require just a mix of whatever bags of tea are on hand, but some harsh teas might not work...

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