Saturday, July 05, 2008

The Fourth of Jul 2008

We had a fantastic time at M's on the fourth.
We visited with everyone, met new friends, ate a feast, played in the water, sunbathed, relaxed and laughed a lot.

Here is M doing one of her typical fourth of July activities, introducing little ones to the art of the jet ski!  She always brings a dozen (or more) people out on her wave runner every Fourth.
These are two cuties, who wanted MORE time on the waverunner with M.
I think I will make a collage of M through the years, and it will have her on the wave runner with hundreds of kids.... Oh, in case you didn't notice M has a bum shoulder.  Does that stop her?  It doesn't even slow her down...

Theo loved the water.  He carefully watched another little friend, Tanner, jump and splash and Theo smiled at him.   Theo played in the sand with his Dad and loved the texture of the sand, wet and dry.
Claudia is getting cuter by the day.  She is so healthy and beautiful.  She is quick to smile and loves to keep an eye on her brother.  Her parents get a special smile that no one else received and she is going to be gorgeous.

Allie and Ash tried the waverunner together.
Some boys tried showing off for them on their own wave runner.  Needless to say, the girls were unimpressed.

Brian was hard at work at the grill, as usual.  He is a fantastic griller.  The kabobs came out tender, the brats were gently crispy on the outside and moist on the inside.  Everyone who had the chicken LOVED it...
Even though Brian is such a good griller, he still took time to tease his sister while she played some weird throwing game.  He is such a kind man and a fantastic griller!
Lastly, here is the picture of the day.  This is how M relaxed.  She stood in the water and took photos of Theo in between giving people rides on her waverunner, getting drinks, more food, holding babies and checking on everything...
Thanks M and Brian!  The Fourth's keep getting better and better!

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