Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Good the Bad and the Ugly....

of home renovations...
The Good- I am finally getting organized!  I am cleaning, cleaning, cleaning.  Purging, tidying up, locating once lost and forgotten treasures, finding that I LOVE my home.
The Bad- I am living with one bathroom for the 4 of us.  Need I say more?
The Ugly- discovering completely by accident that the 20 year old toilet has been leaking for some time and has rotted through the floor!  When we went to replace the tile in the bathroom, we found out that the toilet had a slow leak and caused some tiles to loosen. Upon further discovery, we found out that the floor and sub floor were soft.  So, while this little discovery was a blessing in disguise, it leaves us with one bathroom for the weekend, lots of work and an additional expense.

I have a new room to work on...but it is storing the toilet so I can't photograph pictures! 
But, it is a closet that houses winter coats, winter clothing (hats, gloves, ski pants, headbands) baseball caps and spare totes.  A little bit of advice keep these things in an easy to access space-- these things are precious and during the winter months are needed. Keep this within reach, easily organized and hopefully not misplaced.  Keep bins or drawers only partially filled, so that there is room for the stuff to circulate (clean and dry with used and dirty).  After the season, dispose of stained, ripped or gross stuff.  Replace when on sale, if you are so lucky and keep it ready for the next season.  While cleaning out our stuff, I discovered some size 6x snowpants.  My girls have not fit into those in over 8 years!

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