Tuesday, July 29, 2008


So, today I was stuck waiting for Direct TV to come and change the receiver (at their demand, not request)...we either schedule a time or we lose service.  Talk about giving you no choice..  But they were kind enough to give me a 5 hour window!  How great, right?  So, between the hours of 12 & 5, Ash and I waited for them to send 2 of the creepiest looking servicemen ever.   Now, they arrived at 3:55.  Great, huh?  They couldn't even tell me I was at the end of the window.  A five hour window!  Give me a break, can you imagine giving someone a five hour window and expecting them to pay you?
So, because of them, I got a tremendous amount of housework done.  I find that I love putting off housework.  But, I am very glad that I got it done.  Luckily, I had a fantastic helper.  Ash and I painted Allie's bathroom in a beautiful color that Allie chose.   I replaced a toilet seat, painted trim around the tv, worked on a quilt, painted my bathroom wall, made 2 jugs of delicious iced tea (recipe to be posted later) swept the kitchen and cleaned up after all that mess!
Boy, what a day. 
Now, I have to run and make dinner.  I think I will sleep tonight!

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