Sunday, July 27, 2008

If there are any other Canuto's allergic to bee stings...

OK, here is a product that you can buy at Wal-Mart that is very, very good.
PSNH arms their employees with these in case anyone gets stung on the job.
They are great for bee stings, hornet stings etc.
Unlike After-Bite that is good for mosquito bites (and is 100% ammonia), these are 20% Benzocaine and are very, very effective.
These are called swabs that you break and the gooey substance gets wiped onto the sting or area that swells.  Depending on the sting, 1-2 applications are necessary.
They can be purchased online or at Wal-Mart and I plan on raiding Wal-Mart this week to pick up a few packets.
Yesterday, my tennis partner and registered RN made a house call to check out my bee sting and swollen ankle.  She brought a couple of these over.  AND they made a difference.
I was worried about using my epi-pen so close to the tournament...
The rest is history.

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