Wednesday, July 23, 2008

OK, Green Living is One Thing....

I admit it, I fall for the green living stuff.... I love that I reuse canvas bags for groceries, they are so durable.  I hate having those flimsy plastic grocery bags filled with rolling produce, cans of soda that weigh more than the bag can hold, bananas that poke through the plastic. I hate crushed bread, smooshed ground beef and flattened rolls.  So, yes, re-using bags for groceries makes sense to me.  Plus, Hannaford gives customers 5 cents back for every bag re-used.  They also sell durable, nylon bags that hold up to 25 pounds.  I can take 15 bottles of vitamin water in one bag!
So, I am open to "green" living.  But, I am no Al Gore.  I do not think that because it is labeled green, it is good.  I have tried other things that work well, like cleaning with vinegar, re-using old towels and clothing as rags, etc.
I got a little cocky and tried my hand at the "no shampoo" group.  This doesn't mean not washing your hair, it just means not purchasing shampoo, not using shampoo, full of detergents and chemicals.  I gave some thought to this, as well as the $5+ price tag per bottle and tried my hand at washing my hair with baking soda.  Simply mix 1 T baking soda in a cup of warm water. 
Massage into a wet scalp, as if I were using a luxuriously rich shampoo and rinse thoroughly.  If my hair seemed "dry", add a vinegar rinse and rinse out.  
OK.  So, I tried this last week.  It took a while to get past 2 things.
1- No rich lather ( I love this!)
2- No clean hair smell, like clean shampoo.  Yes, this could be solved with adding essential oils to the baking soda solution, but I just didn't want to add oil to my hair.  Plus the essential oils run about $20 per tiny bottle of less than a half an ounce, it defeated the purpose of not spending money on shampoo.

Now, the baking soda wash was successful.  My hair was unbelievably soft.  It never felt "clean" like it does with commercial shampoo.  But, it was soft.  My scalp also produced less oil.  I wash my hair everyday.  With the baking soda, it wasn't needed to be washed.  But, I did anyway.
I thought my haircolor looked darker, maybe dingier...but that could have been my imagination.
Well, after a week, I got used to not lathering, not smelling the "classic shampoo" smell.  
But, I have to say that I prefer soapy, detergent filled, shampoo.

Any good green ideas?

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