Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Organizing like a Fiend

I have taken organizing my home to a whole new level. I have always wanted to be organized, but never seemed to execute it the way I wanted.  Organizing and staying organized takes time and patience, two things that are sparse with me.
I have to admit that I find comfort in neat rows in a cupboard, neatly stacked fabric, etc.  I find it soothing and I find the act of stacking or sorting to be very comforting, very rewarding when it is all done.
Above is my newly organized fabric stash.  First off, I LOVE the way the colors of fabric look all stacked up.  I LOVE that they are all on display, so I can see at a glance a particular color or pattern.  I find myself just staring off at the shelves while I am working with a grin.

I have been busy.  Here is our cupboard in the kitchen that holds vitamins, supplements, medications and of course, the phone book up top...
The lowest row is about eye level and holds the things we use most frequently.  While you can't tell from this distance, I have plastic bins labeled "Headaches" for my excedrine or "Anti-Itch" for Benedryl, cortizone, Sting-Kill and AfterBite.
The next shelf is for extras of frequently used items and "Cat Stuff" and "Theraflu".
Lastly, the top shelf has the phone book, (something that is used less and less frequently these days.  If I need a number, I usually look it up online with a search feature.)  The shelf also has the hot water bottle, the ice pack bag, disposable gloves, tiny packs of tissues for purses and totes and air-spray for cleaning computers, etc.
Now, I realize I sound like a raving lunatic displaying my clean and organized cabinet, but I am thrilled!!!

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Good job & blog!