Thursday, July 31, 2008

Rag Tag Quilt

Here is one of my latest quilts... I am so proud of this one because it is really a practice quilt for me with a lot of techniques...
I pieced together all the shapes from a scrap pile I purchased at a little quilt shop in Webster, NH.  The colors, all antiqued hues are ones that I am not used to using, but I came to love.   When I started it, back last spring, I thought, what the heck?  It is made from scraps so, if I don't like it, or get frustrated or "stuck" I wouldn't feel so guilty about tossing it!  Well, I have grown so attached to it!
Then, after I pieced it, I quilted it with my machine.  I taught myself free motion quilting, meaning that the quilting pattern of the thread is a wandering loop.  I love it!  I had a hard time choosing the binding color, but love, love , love it!
To give you an idea of size, Ash is standing behind it is larger than I intended.

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