Sunday, July 27, 2008

Tennis Tournament - Close but No Deal

OK, so Kristin B and I made it to the finals of the Dana Ball Tournament in Derry.
We beat two teams of high school tennis players to get there.
At the finals, we lost BIGTIME.. 6-1, 6-1....
Our opponents were strong and played well.
But, I do have a complaint, a grievance, if you will.  We entered the Women's Doubles.
Now, all the teams we played consisted of high school players all under age 18.  (Under age 18 is considered junior tennis).  So, my complaint is not with the players, who were mostly good sports, but it is with the parents who "cheered" yelled and coached from the sidelines.  
The kids entered an ADULT tournament, we didn't enter a kids division, therefore, the kids have to play by the rules of the tournament, which is no coaching.  Each player has to make the calls, not the players on the sidelines.  The parents were unbelievably biased, to the point where they felt their kids DESERVED to win because they entered a tournament, not because they won the point.  It was a headache that my partner had to even ask one set of parents to remove their 15 year who was having a crying tantrum because she lost.  It was distracting and this is why adults DREAD it when kids enter a tournament.  I can handle losing.
What I can't take is parents who think their kids deserve to win because they are trying.   You have to win or lose.  If you can't handle losing, don't put yourself or your kid in that position....

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