Saturday, July 19, 2008

Tourney Day 2

Day 2
8:00 am - Jon & Larry played 2 men in their first round.  They won easily!  Moving on to the semifinals at 3:00.  Sun, 85 degree weather.
9:30 am - Al and Ash played Soyla and Joyce, two seasoned players.  Al and Ash took it to a tiebreaker, playing so well.  They lost, but played so well, were good sports and were fun.  Sun.
3:00 pm - Mild clouds, warm weather.  Jon & Larry started the semi-finals outside at the Colby Courts.  They lost the first set 4-6 in playing so well!  After the first game, the officials gave a warning and moved everyone inside to Mountainside.  Jon and Larry were on fire and won the next set.  They won the tiebreak 10-7 against two tennis pros, Richard and Fred!
Finals are tomorrow!

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