Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Another Quilt, Pinkie & the Brain

Here is another quilt that I made.  This one was claimed by Ash as soon as she could claim it.  Pretty brazen for a girl who used to abhor the color pink!
I love this quilt, the fabrics and the fun time I had making the log cabin squares.  A lot of the fabric is by Amy Butler who is a very popular fabric designer.  I like her older prints better than her newer ones.  I think she was original and fun.  Now, her fabric is costly.  Where it used to be a find, to come across her fabric, it is now common.  She mixes colors that are strange.  She always did and it was fun and bold.  Now, there are lots of copycat prints that are beautiful, some are even more beautiful than the overpriced Amy Butler fabrics.
Plus, the Amy Butler patterns sell for over $10 for each one.  Unlike traditional McCalls or Butterick patterns that you can get more than one style for one pattern, Amy Butler's patterns are for 1 and 1 only item-- one bag, one purse, one hat, etc.  
And it doesn't help that the woman at the fabric counter was an Amy Butler groupie.  I like fabric or I don't like it, but I don't automatically like it because of the celebrity who produces it...  I guess I am just strange.

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piera said...

Hey D,
If you ever feel bored, try making an Irish quilt. M bought me one and I use it all the time when I am watching the Yankees on T.V. I have used it so much it is wearing away. I just love it. I will send you a picture of it.. The quilts are very pretty!!!!!!!! I am so jealous.. Hope all is going well. Chat with you later. -P