Saturday, August 30, 2008

Bold Move

So, in an effort to stay out of politics, I still feel it is necessary to mention this topic. McCain chose Alaska Governor Sara Palin as his running mate for the Republican Presidential ticket.
This guarantees us a historic election in November.  One party will make history.  The first Black president or the first Woman vice president.  
Honestly, I am shocked that McCain chose a woman.  Some argue that his choice was a "token" in attempt to get female voters.
Female voters should be insulted by such a statement.  Hopefully, all Americans will cast their ballot based on their own logical choices, those that agree with their own politics.  I would hope that Barack Obama would not be voted for or against, based on his skin color, just as Palin would not be voted for or against based on her gender.
But, the reality is that some Americans feel that voting for Barack Obama shows that they are not racist, that voting in a Black man proves how far we have come as a country.
I would prefer to see Barack Obama or any other politician get voted in based on their record, based on their political views, not race, gender or appearance.

My assessment - Each ticket has their own "likable candidate" - Dem's have Obama, Rep's have Palin.  Both ticket has their veteran politicians - Biden and McCain.
So, hopefully it will come down to politics.  One can hope, right?

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DamianC said...

When did Tina Fey become govenor of Alaska?
Really She looks to be a reformer and a scrapper, much like a LaGuardia or a Teddy Roosevelt.
She seems to be a good choice. It will be an interesting election!