Saturday, August 02, 2008

M & Brian Saved the Day!

M and Brian saved the day on Friday!  
Ash volunteers as a therapeutic horse handler during the summer, but her normal companion couldn't transport her this Friday.  I normally am backup transport, but because I had the Districts in Portland, I couldn't be there.
So, M & Brian stepped in to save the day!   Ash was thrilled that she got to spend the day with M and Brian, as they always spoil her!
But, the remarkable thing is that M had shoulder surgery less than 24 hours before and never hesitated to help with Ash!
And M looked great, even bandaged up and stiff.  Brian, swooped in and is the voice of reason.  Anyone who knows M, knows that if she could set up a basketball game, she would-- to hell with the surgery, she won't let that slow her down... But, Brian, as calmly as ever, is the guiding force to M's health...Thank God, if it wasn't for Brian, I fear I would be competing against M at the tennis finals!
Thank you M and Brian!

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