Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Warning: SCARY not suitable for those who love summer.

While driving to visit the girls' grandparents, we spotted this sight!
"NO" we both sighed....we want more summer, not the beginning of fall.  Last night was 52 degrees.  Today was barely 68.  Too cold for August!
After last year's never ending winter and record snowfall, we were all hoping for a long hot summer.  But instead we got a short week of hot weather and then weeks of record rainfall, a tornado  60 miles from us, and now, cool weather.
I have to order wood for the winter still.  I have been putting it off, thinking it won't be needed, HOPING, it won't be needed.
But, after seeing the foliage, I am clued in.  Damn. 

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Laurie said...

Yup I had to put sweatshirts on the kids the past two evenings to play outside. UGH. A reminder of the hassles of winter that are coming.