Monday, September 29, 2008

Birds in Thicket

I painted this over the course of 3 weeks.  I was back and forth on it, not sure what I wanted until the end.  Now, I love it.  The red eyes were Jon's idea.  I like them, after all.  One of the hard things for me was "finding my voice".  When I just painted and enjoyed it, I was happy.  The birds came to me effortlessly and while they are simple, basic shapes, they are birds to me!
I love the confusion of the background and the calmness of the plain birds.  I added sprinkles of color, that you can't really see without clicking on the pic and looking at it close up.  But, I am happy with it.
oil painting on canvas, 22x28.

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Ms. Julie's Place said...

I really like the painterly quality of the brushstrokes visible when you click on the picture. Next time you may want to use a little of the lighter browns to show wing details in the birds just to balance the lights and darks a bit.
Good work! Keep it up!