Monday, September 01, 2008

Looking Forward to TV...

We don't watch a lot of television anymore, quite the start contrast to when we were growing up and we had appointments with the TV for shows: 7:30 Muppets, 8:00 A-Team, etc...
Now, due to the magic of DVR's, tivo and netflix, who needs to make an appointment to watch a show first run?  In fact, it is a lot better to watch a series of shows, or even a season when it is convenient for us, rather than the other way around.  I already posted about our experience with netflix here, but I am looking forward to new seasons being broadcast.  Here is our list of fun shows (that are still in production) that we like to watch:

Battlestar Galatica
Burn Notice
The Closer
The Office
30 Rock
CSI - any formation of Miami, Las Vegas, NY
Survivor (usually)
The Unit
Dr. Who

Considering Watching:
How I Met Your Mother

Any other suggestions?  We love to watch series on netflix.  It is fun to "introduce" old series to our kids.


DamianC said...

The "Big Bang Theory" is a good show, it follows a bunch of geeks/nerds after they enter the real world.
One of the actors is the one who played "Moist" of Dr. Horribles blog!
Of course I also like to watch the Britsh Comedies as well

Laurie said...

I am looking forward to The Office the most. I also like Big Bang Theory. I'm still a sucker for Survivor too.

piera said...

I like Desperate Housewives, The Practice, Rescue Me, House, and watching sports (The New York Yankees, and the Giants)!
I agree with Damian, the Big Bang Theory is good.