Friday, September 12, 2008

Pantry - The Early Stages

Here is the pantry of my dreams.  When Jon and I decided to put in a pantry, I started to dream.  I thought I would go for everything and sketch all that I could want in a pantry.  Jon's only request was to have a spot for paper towels.  (We go out to the garage whenever we run out).  So, I placed a spot for the paper towels in the shelves.  
My dream pantry isn't typical.  I don't need a place to store canned goods or food, as I don't want food outside the kitchen.  But, I do have accessories and appliances that I need to find homes for.
So, I went through all my things, and sketched out fantasy pantry, where I could keep everything I want.  I didn't expect to be able to keep everything here, but as long as I was dreaming, I thought I could dream big.
So, I measured my appliances (mixer, bread machine, blender, processor, popcorn machine) and figured out what needed to be where.

Here is what the builder brought me after I stained it.  I covered all the shelved with shelf liner 14 rolls and wallpapered the back of each shelf.
I am working on filling it.

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