Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Remind me what year it is?

So here is a post, a rant that I am still in shock over...
10 min after I dropped off my girls at school this morning, I get a call from my daughter asking me to pick her up from school...her explanation- someone threw juice on her.
She further explains that she was stopping a fight in the cafeteria and one of the rowdy spectators threw the juice when the fight was over.
So, I march over to the school with a change of clothing for Ash and the expression "heads are going to roll" was highly accurate.
So, I ask the secretary if I can speak with the "disciplinarian".  She gives me the strangest look as if I asked to speak to the person in charge of beating the students at the high school.  I explain that my daughter broke up a fight and that in the process, someone threw juice on her.  The secretary immediately called the principal over when the "student-school liason" was in a meeting... (Give me a break with that title, would you?)
So, I meet with the principal who was pleasant and to his credit, admitted that he had heard nothing about this incident.
I explained that Ash wouldn't have reported it, she just defended the kid who was being attacked and chances are she didn't even know the kid.  (We later found out that she did not know the kids, but put a stop to it anyway.)
So, the principal tells me he will look into it and as I turn to leave, he says, "well, it sounds like she is going to grow up to be a nurse!"
I turn to him in horror at that comment and say, "please have a seat, we are not done yet"....

I proceeded to ask him why he thought she would be a nurse from breaking up a fight?  A bouncer, a referee, a drill sergeant maybe, but ---- a nurse?  I think that you said nurse because it was my "daughter", not my "son" that was involved.
I am really concerned that you are not "getting it" and I even pulled the Italian gesture with my hands where I pinch my fingers together.
I can tell that he regretted the words that ever came out of his mouth.

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