Monday, September 22, 2008


I am in charge of the goodie bags or as I like to call it the SWAG BAG for the local tennis tournament.
SWAG - has acronyms.  But here it is either Stuff We All Get (as Ash likes to say) or Souvenirs Wearables and Gifts or Stuff We Acquired Gratis....  My choice is middle one.

So, while going about making the decision of what to get, I thought to get some things that promote the club, are within a $300 budget and are "fun".

I came up with a pen- with club name and phone number, a bookmark - with contact info and club stuff, a magnet - with club info for reservations - a can of tennis balls - with club emblem, free guest passes and info on who to contact to buy a membership.
The club also gives out tee shirts to all participants. I found some plain, but tasteful wine bags to hold the loot (perfect for a can of tennis balls).  This is supposed to supply enough for 100 participants.  So, without the tee shirts, I designed all the stuff, saving a little fortune.  The tennis committee liked them and now, I hope the participants do too!

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