Saturday, September 06, 2008

These Look Familiar!

Ash is taking a culinary course at school and is required to have a uniform with hat and proper shoes.  The school supplied old uniforms, but Ash preferred to have one of her own.  Her grandfather came to her rescue and washed a bunch of his cooking jackets for her.  She had a try on session and happily left the restaurant with 2 chef's jackets and a smile.  My father was thrilled that Ash would want his old jackets and was shocked that she fit in his old jackets!
But, we still needed proper shoes.  Now, she has dedicated shoes for tennis, golf and hiking.  But, I didn't want her wearing her hiking boots in the kitchen.  Sandals and flip-flops were a definite no.  So, we went on a hunt.
Oh, did I mention that she is between a size 11 and 12 woman's?  Do you know how FEW stores stock sizes over 10?  Well, we do.  We know too well.
It is easier to find shoes that size online, but we really don't know what "that size" is, because she is still growing.  So, we hit the outlet malls and hit the jackpot.
After hitting so many stores and finding that everything was too small, we began to think that we would have to resort to the men's department.  The trouble is that men's shoes are big and clunky, designed to be "masculine".
At Famous Footwear, we saw hundreds of shoes.  After finding some size 11 Naturalizers, we scouted the sneaker section on the chance that something might be OK. 
Among hundreds of boxes of sneakers,  these shoes might as well have danced in mid air.  I have seen these shoes for years, over 25 years to be exact.  I grabbed the display off the shelf and asked Ash if she recognized these.  She looked at them for a minute and said, "I think so.  They look like M's."
Allie had the same reaction when she saw them.  P & M has been wearing Samba's since they were in elementary school for soccer and still wear them today.  I have seen Samba's in every size and condition imaginable, but never brand spanking new, size 11!
This was a first.  I realized shortly after seeing them, that they would work beautifully for Ash.  And of course, because they were M's shoes Ash ditched the naturalizers and now wears sambas in the kitchen...


M said...

Awesome Shoes! Hope you enjoy them. I use to wear my old pairs in the kitchen also. Glad you like them!

piera said...

Great shoes:) You will be styling in them.
I have three pairs of those shoes. I have a black pair with pink stripes and two black pairs with the white stripes. I love them. Good luck. I can't believe how big your foot is!
I used to wear my old black shoes for waitressing at the restaurant because I needed black shoes. They worked gret. Good luck in your cooking class.