Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Two Homemade Veggie Wash Recipes

Produce has changed drastically over the years, especially from the time we were kids.  While there are sound reasons for purchasing produce from local growers and farm stands, it isn't always the only source of produce for our family.
Many years ago, giving produce a long rinse in the sink, even scrubbing potatoes with water and a brush was sufficient.  Today, however, it is not enough.
Even fruits and vegetables where you don't eat the skin (melons, grapefruits, oranges) it is important to thoroughly wash the produce.  Anytime you slice a knife through a piece of produce, you risk infecting the edible part with outer contaminents (pesticides, wax and germs).

"Vegetable Cleaning Sprays" are available for sale at supermarkets, but it is easy enough to make your own.  Simply combine  1 cup water + 1 cup white vinegar + 2 T baking soda + 2 T lemon juice in a large pot or deep bowl.  Allow to sizzle (the soda and vinegar reacting) and then pour into a spray bottle and store in the cupboard or in the fridge.
Then, when you clean your produce, simply rinse it with water, then spray with the solution and let sit 3- 5 min and rinse again.  It is not a hard habit to get into and it is really quite easy.

A second, even easier solution is 2 cups water  + 4 T baking soda.  Mix in a pitcher or bowl and pour into a spray bottle.  Spray produce with this mixture,and "scrub".  Rinse to clean.

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