Friday, October 10, 2008


Look closely and on the ridge line you will see two giant windmills!
How amazing is this? 
In Lempster (near Newport) there is a major project underway to line the ridge with these beautiful mills and use that energy to supply power to 10,000 homes. 
I know that critics claim that the windfarms destroy the beauty of the land and kill birds.
Well, I personally find this to be a beautiful view.  As for the birds, well, that argument is for the birds.
In today's world we need additional energy sources and to find clean, renewable ones are a goldmine.  Personally, I feel that some of the people arguing ferociously against them have an agenda of their own.  

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DamianC said...

I have to agree with you, a lot of "environmentalists" in this area don't want to build wind turbines on a vt ridge, saying it would destroy the beauty of the area. I wonder what they would think of a coal plant in the same valley.