Saturday, October 18, 2008

Denture Tablets - Not Just for Dentures!

Here is a more lighthearted post...
Denture Tablets.  Fantastic Tool.
Nope, I don't have dentures, but I do have a mouthguard that requires cleaning daily.  I just pop a denture tablet in the mouthguard, let it sit in the water all day and then rinse off before use, just like Gram used to do with her dentures.
Now, there is some evidence that if Efferdent is the best brand of denture tablet for most effective denture cleaning.  I don't know, myself.  I use the generic brand (ie- the cheapest ones I can find) and they work well for me.
But, I recently came into a boatload of knowledge about denture tablets that I have to share.
They clean toilets, vases, sinks and pitchers!  They unclog drains and are mesmerizing to watch fizzle and change the water color.
To clean a toilet - drop one tablet (two if the toilet really needs work) into the bowl and leave for at least 30 min.  It will attack any soap scum on the porcelain.  It may require additional scrubbing - observe and make that call.
To clean a porcelain sink - fill the sink with water. Drop in 2 tablets and let sit 45 min - 2 hours, again, depending on the degree of cleaning needed.
Vases and Pitchers - same thing.  Fill with water, drop in the tablet and watch the magic happen.
Unclogging drains - drop in 3 tablets.  Pour in 1/2 cup vinegar.  Follow it up in 5 min with 2 cups or more of boiling water.  Voila.
OK.  I regret not discovering this when my kids were younger.  They would have LOVED to watch the tablets dissolve in the sink, tub and toilet.  We would have had the cleanest house in the state. 


DamianC said...

You are so wasteful,
Gram could get the same results but only by using a 1/4 maybe even 1/8 of a tablet :-)

DannyB said...

Oh, my God...How could I forget. 1 tablet would last her a week, at least! How funny!