Friday, October 17, 2008

The Draining of the Lake

Years ago, the lake used to be drained annually in the fall in prep for the winter snow and the spring flooding.  About 15 years ago-- our town stopped doing it routinely, kind of on a year to year basis.  But these past 3 springs, we have had such bad flooding problems that they took preemptive measures and really drained the lake.  This is the lowest water level I have ever seen.
For those of you that swam in what was once this beach daily from June 21 - August 25th, you will be shocked.
Can you see the rocks that we used to swim to and couldn't touch bottom?  Look at where the first raft is?  Unreal isn't it?  You can see (look carefully) the lifeguard stand on the right, painted brown, not white...

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