Monday, October 20, 2008

Halloween Fun

I've found it!  The cutest decoration for my Halloween display.  It isn't a pumpkin or a witch.  It's a potato.  OK, a Potato dressed as a ghost, isn't that better.
I saw this at Target and had to have it.  I thought he would look perfect in my window, waiting to trick or treat.

Here he is naked....


piera said...

That is soooooooooo cute!! They are so creative. I used to have a Mr. Potato head that was left at Aunt Anna's and Aunt Joe's house. When we would sleep over there, they took us to the toy store and allowed us to pick out one toy. I picked out Mr. Potato head and M picked up a doctor's kit.

M said...

That is adorable. I have a dark Tater, spud Trooper, and a R2D2 Mr. Potato head. I saw an Indiana Jones Mr. Potato head also in the store yesterday.