Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Household Maintenance -New Dishwasher

We gave up on our (not so old) Kenmore dishwasher.  We had it for about 3 years and in that time we have replaced more parts on it than should be allowed.  We got the Kenmore to replace a very old model that just got noisier and noisier as it aged.
At first the Kenmore Ultra Wash worked.  It was never fantastic... but it functioned.  It cleaned dishes and it had a nifty feature of being able to delay a wash for 2, 4 or 6 hours.  So, if I wanted to run a wash after I ran the washing machine, but I was leaving for work, I could stagger the appliances.  If I loaded the dishwasher after dinner, but didn't want it to run until after we went to bed, then I had that option.  
The dishwasher was roomy, it washed a full load, had various cycles, although I only used the heated dry and normal wash.  But, it worked.  For about 1 year, then things started dying.  First a glass broke in the dishwasher and this caused the chopper assembly to break, resulting in dishes that didn't get clean.
When I called for a repair man, they told me the appt was for 3 weeks away.  Needless to say, 3 weeks to wait was unacceptable. So, Jon and I troubled-shooted online and found the cause of the problem.  I ordered the parts from RepairClinic.com and $50 later, I had the parts in 2 days.  3 hours later, we replaced the parts.  We were shocked to find that the part was cheaply made and we suspected that the replacement part would have a short lifespan as well.
6 months later, we wound up replacing the part again.
Last week, the dishwasher stopped heating.  We suspect the element failed.  So, I called a repair man and was given a 3 week appt.  Jon and I trouble shot again, only to find out that the problem could be a number of things and the replacement parts started at $50....
So, we discussed purchasing a new-- hopefully working dishwasher.  Today, we think we found one.  We ordered it and are expecting (praying for) delivery on Friday. 
We bought a Miele Diamante (I call it my Meel-la Damiano) with 3 racks!  3 Racks!  Bottom for dishes, middle for glasses and top for flatware.  It also has 3 spray heads, is environmentally sound and is rugged.
God, I hope this thing works.

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