Friday, October 24, 2008

New Hobby

The girls and I have started a stained glass class on Wednesdays at a local stained glass studio.
I have had some supplies and M gave me some stuff, but never got around to actually using it.  I have read a lot of books and admired a lot of work so it was always a dream to be able to work with glass.
I was thrilled.  We all had a great time.  Ash took to it like a duck to water.  She was cutting her shapes before the rest of us had even chosen our glass.  Allie worked hard with Stephen and they both seemed to really enjoy it.  I really liked the instructor who had a very low key way about her.
I have taken a lot of art classes and I love meeting the talented artists and hearing how they became involved in their art.
Carolyn, our instructor loves to make stained glass and mosaics.  Her home is decorated with her work, including her bathroom floor, tabletops and countertops.  Stephen saw it and instantly commented on it.
I liked learning the qualities of the glass, to see all the beautiful colors, the patterns and textures.  It was fulfilling a dream!

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Christy said...

I took my first Stained Glass class about 18 years ago and have never looked back. I've been creating windows ever since. It's a wonderful hobby and craft. Good luck. I hope you enjoy those classes as much as I did.
Also, thanks for including me on your blog!!!