Thursday, October 30, 2008

Sign of the TImes or Just Plain Crazy

1.  While shopping in a local gift shop, I heard them playing Christmas music today, October 30.
2.  While at the doctor's office, I noticed the secretary offered to help the doctor file the paperwork and referred to the doctor by her first name, not Dr. Smith.  I flinched, thinking that it was not professional and thought to myself that had my doctor been male, the professional boundaries in the office wouldn't have been crossed.
3.  Stores slashing Halloween prices and moving the stuff to the clearance pile to make way in prime space for Christmas decorations.
4.  The Salvation Army refusing to accept legos as they "already got too many toys".
5.  Reruns on television shows when the season just started a month ago!
6.   A high school teacher leaving the classroom for a moment and the students locking the door and refusing to let her in.  When she finally was "allowed in" she said nothing to the students and no further action was taken.
7.  Dunkin Donuts offering gasoline discounts when purchasing coffee & donut combos 3 times a week.
8.  The power company tearing up our neighbors lawn last week to bury new cables and leaving them sticking our of the ground for over 5 days, uncovered.
9. While waiting in line at Target, the customer in front of me attempted to open a Target charge and the computer froze.  Because my items were already on the belt, I watched 8 people cut ahead of me in line while a new register opened.  By the time I re-loaded my cart and went to a different register, I wasted more time in line than I did shopping.  
10.  Wild turkeys everywhere!

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