Saturday, October 04, 2008

What I am Reading - no spoilers

Here is the the third in the Twilight Series.  Another book following Twilight, New Moon and now Eclipse.  Once again, enjoyable read.  
One warning to adults... This is a very popular teen series.  Teen angst is prevalent and so is the teen invincibility and teen superiority that we dread as parents.
Since I have read all three books, so close together, I am overpowered by these messages (and irritated, as well).  I think it is remarkable though, how well the author, Stephenie Meyer, captures these teen qualities.

On a side note-- the teen invincibility really hits close to home with two new drivers amongst us!  
So, between our own kids and their friends (who are very much part of our lives) I am terrified at some of the things I see at the high school with driving.
Surprisingly, at the local high school parking lot, it is the "new" drivers whom I see driving cautiously and carefully, yielding and observant.  It is the "seasoned drivers"-- the ones that have had their license for a year or so, that drive like maniacs.  They "tease" pedestrians by driving within inches, they zoom out of the school to express moods, they drive over the lawn when impatient to leave and do not want to wait in line.  Again, where is the supervision?  Well, the parking lot monitor (a teacher) stands at the curb and watches it all happen, doing absolutely nothing.  Meanwhile, I am holding my breath, praying that no kid is hurt, desperately searching the lot for my own kids.

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