Saturday, October 11, 2008

What the????

Wow!  Two What the ?? posts in one week.
Some local community members formed an "art appreciation" group with the hopes of bringing foot traffic to the area.  They ask businesses to "sponser" their cause, in this case large blank gnus and then partner them up with local artists who use the models as blank canvasas and decorate them as they choose.  They then place these life size art models in their place of business.  The entire thing is supposed to take effect the summer of '09.  But the first one was put out already at the New London Inn.  Now, these things are the size of cows.  They are eye catchers.  All right, I will just say it.  They are odd.
While the artist who did this one is clearly a talented painter in her own right, the idea of painting a "gnu" with flowers and sticking it in the garden is beyond me.  It seems like a real gimmick, an eye-catcher.  
In the northern areas, they did moose and ponies in other areas.  Interesting.
What do you think?

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piera said...

They have those statues in Saratoga, NY. They are horses instead of bulls. Since Saratoga has the race track, businesses in Saratoga have different decorated horses outside of their establishements. Rather interesting.