Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Christmas Bazaar

Last Saturday, M and I braved the first snowfall of the season and went to the Grantham Christmas Fair organized by Kristi (of "Nate & Kristi" fame).
Last year, we went and it was fun.  Kristi is a Pampered Chef Consultant and she bakes yummy brownies and has a lot on display.  There were homemade fun jewelry, cooking mixes, scrapbooking and some other fun stuff. 
This year had fewer people, but I actually found more stuff!  The jeweler from last year was not there, but another one was and she had great designs, fun stuff.  So each of my girls got a little pre-Christmas set of earrings.  There was also an older man who was a woodworker and made the cutest wooden boats, helicopters, trucks and planes.  I found something for Theo and so did M!  It was a lot of fun and a little nostalgic, as our neighbor, Mr. Bickford, used to make similar ones in his basement and sell them at craft fairs!
It was fun to see M, but most fun was being able to tease her at one booth!
Picture it....
One booth was a table of wood products, the kind of wood where the wood grain was stained in rainbow colors.  His work was beautiful, he had wine stoppers, knives, salt and pepper shakers, toothpick holders, salad tongs.... All beautiful.  He was quite proud of his work and when M glanced over the knives, his interest peaked... "Are you a hunter?" he asked.
M, horrified and disgusted, replied, "why would I hunt something that has no intention of hunting me?"
I giggled, the man took it well (clearly a seasoned hunter) and tried joking with her.
The man offered some scenarios of deer attacking humans and M joked along.
I couldn't resist, so I chimed in "She's a vegetarian".... the only insult worse to M than being called a hunter.....
M took it well and asked me later, "why did you say I was a vegetarian?".... (How dare I!)

Well, I am her older sister and that affords me some obnoxious behaviors.  I mean, I could have called her worse...lactose intolerant!

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