Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Everyone is holding their breath....

Whether you are waiting for the election results to see the winner or you are waiting for an end to those constant phone polls, the littering of political signs all over the landscape, the proliferation of political bumper stickers, buttons and banners.... either way, you are in luck. In less than 6 hours, the Obama friendly media will be declaring a winner.
Love him or not, one can't deny that the media adores him.  True, he is good looking and charismatic, but freedom of the press clearly was never intended to side with one political candidate over another.
Does the media's love of one candidate determine the outcome of an election?  It would be hard to prove, but most people know that many are influenced by it.  Does Hollywood's love of a candidate determine the outcome?  Somewhat.
Is it fair? No.  But it is life.
Either way, the presidential race is tremendously close this year.  It will be interesting.

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