Monday, November 03, 2008

A funny Thing Happened on the Way to Town

Last July while in town, we noticed a new store that opened in the area that was formally occupied by LisAnn's Women Clothing and Lingerie store.
The new store was called Larks and Nightingales and we were surprised to see it was owned by Mrs. Moore, Ash's former teacher!
Mrs. Moore was a favorite of Ashley's. It might of been her fantastic taste in clothing (she was the best dressed woman at the elementary school and maybe in all of town!) It might have been her adorable English accent or her sunny personality, but whatever it was, Ash adored her!
So, we were thrilled to see her and loved her store! Larks and Nightingales She started out with beautiful, but reasonably priced bras, panties and hosiery.  But now carries all that plus clothing.  Allie fell in love with her sweaters that are made by the same company that makes Abercrombie and Fitch's clothing....
Mrs. Moore does bra fittings and while I went 35 years without one (a bra fitting, not a bra), I finally got a fitting.  Kind of on a dare.  
Mrs Moore told me that she was so good at it that she could tell a person's size without having to measure them.  My interest was peaked and I challenged her to tell me my size.  The size she gave me was NOT the size I had been wearing!
So, I kind of laughed at her, telling her that I wore 2 sizes and 1 cup size smaller!  She offered to let me try on the size she suggested.  And you know what, I LOVED my new size.  Nothing pinched, things were lifted and beautiful.  I bought 3 bras!  Damn, she is good!
She is also so kind that both girls felt comfortable talking to her about their own bras.  (As I was the one who sized them, we found out that I was only slightly off with their sizes).  But they were thrilled to get a chance to shop for some beautiful clothes.

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