Saturday, November 08, 2008

Gathering Steam...

I can feel the holidays in the air.  This year, Ash and I promised each other we would decorate the house for Christmas.  Last year, we were starting the renovation, so while we had a tree and a very nice holiday, we held back on the decorating.  This year, no more!
We have a plan to start the day after Thanksgiving and do nothing but "think Christmas" for the next 30 days!
We plan on moving my studio worktable out and moving the tree in!
We plan on making a winter forest display in the bay window and a fun hanging display over the trees.
We will drape Christmas cheer and decorations over anything that we see!
An early goody.... the Playmobile Nativity set, complete with baby Jesus, Mary, Joseph, 3 Kings, a Shepherd, and angel, a camel, donkey and sheep.  It comes with the cardboard backdrop, but I am going to make something instead.  I love the set!
I have a ceramic Nativity set that is beautiful, but I want one that I can enjoy and not worry about.  I am not a "plastic" loving person, but it does have its uses (Thank God for the sturdy plastic legos, lil tykes and playmobile!)  My girls never got into the playmobile, so we didn't have it around a lot, but this set is more for me than for the kids!  They would be horrified to think I bought them playmobile at their ages anyway!

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Laurie said...

We have an ENTIRE village you can borrow if you are short on decorations. LOL. We would probably need a U-Haul to get it to you though.