Monday, November 24, 2008

Hustling and Bustling...

With Thanksgiving only 4 days away, today is a crucial day in preparation.  
I purchased most of the groceries on my list, but have to go back today for the things I forgot (cream cheese & celery) and the the things I added to (cherries, mint, chocolate).
I have already packed the decorations for the table, set aside the recipes and tomorrow, I will start the actual preparations.
Ash is making the cranberry ambrosia, so she will start that tonight....It is a 3 step process...see this post for the recipe.
Also, I will be making cherry pie, Hoppergrass Pie and a Pumpkin recipe which I have narrowed down to 2 and will make my ultimate decision in the next 10 minutes!
I will post the recipes later....
My actual work "work" is going well and I find myself research tutorials and reading about Adobe programs, design techniques and seeing things a little differently.  I find it all exciting and am thrilled that I have this renewed interest in work.

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