Monday, November 17, 2008

Thanksgiving Call!

So, we have a boatload of people coming to Thanksgiving (weather permitting).  I am looking forward to this like a kid in a candy shop!
Dame, Laurie, Claudia & Theo.  George & Louise (Steven & Kiera maybe) Bob & Ella, Allie & Stephen, Ash & Cody, Gregg, M, Dad, Jon, (Rob & Jackie, Cass, Jess & Pam- maybe)  It will be so much fun to see everyone altogether, something that gets rarer each year.  Something that gets more precious each year.

We have our traditions:
Cranberry Ambrosia, Dame's Pumpkin Soup, Dad's apricot stuffed chicken, M's about 14 other vegetables & side dishes...
I can't wait only 10 days away!

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