Thursday, November 20, 2008

When it Rains, it pours... firewood that is...

So, like most New Englanders, with the high oil prices, we looked for alternative fuel sources.  We decided on geothermal, taking energy out of the cold earth water and using it to heat or cool our home.  The process is pretty in depth, (and would be far more economical for a new home just being built) but with the amount we were paying for oil, we decided that it was important to us to get away from oil.
So, we started the process of converting to geothermal, since we need to heat our new addition as well.  While we are waiting for the geothermal to be installed (next week, yay!) we thought that ordering 2 cords of wood in September would get us through to Thanksgiving and then some.
And it would have, had it been delivered on time!
But, our delivery people promised early November and have yet to deliver.  We have been calling them and they have been promising, but no wood yet.  Our new "wood room" sits bare!
So, I called another company who promised to deliver 2 cords in 10 days!
What a relief.  
And since there is Murphy's law, guess promised to deliver the original 2 cords this Saturday?  The original wood people.
So, we started off the fall with no wood and in 10 days we will have 4 cords of wood.
Go figure.

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