Sunday, November 23, 2008

Wine Review from a non-drinker!

I will be the first to admit that I have a terrible wine palette.   With foods, I was "blessed" with a gift of being able to reproduce the recipe from a taste and when I read a recipe in a book or online, I actually smell the food.  I say "blessed" because it is also a curse and I can become nauseated very quickly....perhaps it correlates to my migraines...
My father is a wine connoisseur.  Partly a wine snob, but also he knows good wine-- not expensive wine-- but quality wine.  He is blessed with the gift of pairing wine with food so the flavors improve of both the wine and the food.
Me- I am void of any wine appreciation.  I drink rarely and when I do I pick my wine based on color.  When I was younger I felt that pink wines were pretty so on the rare occasion when I drank a half a glass of wine, it was "white zinfandel"  oh, it even sounds pretty.  Plus there is the added mystery of pink wine being called "white".... Can you tell I am not a wine snob in the least?
My father drinks all kinds, but red is his preference.  Now, I am sure he has an actual preference - merlot or something, not a color, but I am uneducated.
He has given me wines, very good wines and I am embarrassed to admit that I cook with them (and I do drink them to see how they taste).  But I still prefer the pretty glass to the wine.  I drink iced tea in a wine goblet.  (whatever makes you happy).

But I came across this wine Il Bastardo Sangiovese di Toscana at the liquor store when I was purchasing my cooking wines.  Aside from the just plain adorable label - I recognized it from my father.   He sells this wine at the restaurant and he drinks it.  So, it was on sale and I purchased a bottle a few months ago.
I finally opened it when I was making a beef stew.  As I was plating the stew, I poured myself a glass out of curiosity.
Delicious.  Not sweet like my previous wines (my father offers me a packet of sugar when he offers me a glass of wine) but delicious.
It is what I consider substantial.  In that when I sip a gulp of the slightly spicy wine, it warms me as I drink it.  I really enjoyed it.
Maybe there is hope for me! 

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