Saturday, December 06, 2008

Another Beautiful (and Productive) Day

So, even though it was Saturday, today was productive....OK, it was productive for a Saturday....

I started with 2 hours of early morning ladies tennis with 3 friends, played chauffeur for my eldest, took my youngest to do some Christmas shopping (have I mentioned that she finds the best stuff and I call her Eagle Eyes?), chauffeured her to a play, repaired a disabled dryer vent and only got one cut, mailed a package to Italy, started on my Christmas cards and made dinner....
I am exhausted, but satisfied knowing that I accomplished a little bit...
In the next week (the week of the 8th):
I plan to get the Christmas cards complete so they can be mailed by the 15th...
Buy and bring home the tree
Put up the tree. Lights. Ornaments. Action!
Finish organizing and sorting the basement.
Pack all gifts that need to be shipped.
Finish up Christmas shopping or at least LIST everything needed to get.

For the week of the 15th:
Plan Christmas dinner, make a menu
Start wrapping gifts.
(I know there is more!)

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