Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Another Day, Another Day without Power

So my wish, that I would wake up to a house with lights, heat and running appliances was not granted....
Last night we heard all the horror stories about how PSNH has a new policy of not maintaining power lines (in regards to forest growth) that they are now reactive instead of proactive....I have noticed this as someone would come around (usually in August) and spend a week in our area trimming trees near power lines.  I have not seen this in the past 5 years and I suspect that is one reason that so many people have problems...add to this the actual data that I have of overgrown branches on lines and well, 2+2= 4... 
Yes, I am placing blame.  5 days without power, without fresh laundry, brushing my teeth, quick showers in the dark...well, forgive me for my irritability.  I am not a camper, think of being without heat and a hot shower as torture so, 5 days of this is causing me to have a short fuse.
Also, as someone who prepares for things, who tries to be proactive, it sickens me to pay hundreds of dollars a month to a power company who would rather their customers be without power than do some preventative work.
Christmas is 9 days away and all I want for Christmas is my electricity back!  Please Santa !

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