Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Clean Up and Learning

This year, we tried something new (for our family) and planned on starting the Christmas preparations immediately following Thanksgiving.  (Normally, we put up the tree a week or two before Christmas and take it down before New Year's.)  Ash and I wanted to decorate and we all love the Christmas lights and decorations.  
Well, now that the ornaments are put away and the tree is gone, we have made a plan for 2009.

We liked getting the tree early and decorating after Thanksgiving.  This allowed us to not feel rushed, but to decorate at our leisure... a little at a time...   This year we were hindered by the ice storm, so we feel that we lost a week as we waited to decorate....
But, we liked having the tree early, it was very festive.
Plans for 2009

After- Thanksgiving
Get advent calendars
Week 1 - Plan guest list for Christmas, make gift lists (friends, teachers, family). Get tree, start decorating, make Christmas card
Week 2 - Put up tree, finish up with decorations, plan menu for Christmas, Christmas Eve, family get-togethers, Address envelopes for Christmas cards
Week 3 - Wrap gifts, send out Christmas cards, 
Week 4 - Deliver gifts, 
Post Christmas - take down ornaments, examine lights for any defects, take inventory of gift wrap, ribbon, tags, purchase if necessary

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