Thursday, December 11, 2008

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas...

We got the tree!   After last Christmas, while we were having work done on the house, I promised the kids that in exchange for a small tree while work was done, we would get a large tree in 2008.  Well, they remembered my promise.
Allie spotted this tree from the road as we drove into the Christmas Farm.  The tree is 10 feet tall and just about that wide.
It is a beautiful tree, huge, huge, huge.  I have never had a tree this large.... I put on so many lights...8 sets of lights and we like the large c9 flasher bulbs....that is a LOT of lights.
We still have yet to decorate the tree with ornaments, but that will come this weekend (or sooner).
Getting the tree home was funny.  Allie and I got the tree in my car and we strapped it to the roof.  Allie thought that was hysterical, a tree on a lexus..too funny, she even took a photo of it with her camera!
I am working on a Christmas menu and looking forward to the holiday, but am truly enjoying the season already....even the snow!

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