Friday, December 05, 2008

Oh the weather outside...

Actually is was just beautiful today, a crisp 30 degrees, but sunny with orange hued clouds in a blue sky.
I had my first taste of freedom this week, as Jon stayed home with the workcrew and I dropped the kids off at school and ran errands.  AND LOVED IT!
I was in Target by 8:15 which I thought we be empty, but it was packed with people.  There were lines for checkout, lines at the electronics counter and carts with screaming kids in every aisle.
I was thrilled to be out and free without having to rush, that I just enjoyed the freedom of it.
I didn't waste time stopping for a latte, I just went to Target, Borders, the grocery and home before I started round 2 at the post office and dropped some stuff off at the thrift shop.
The workers are still here...will it ever end?
But, I am systematically working on organizing my home, packing Christmas gifts for shipping and decorating.  This is the most organized I have ever been at Christmas... I can find things!
I needed tissue paper, packing tape and decorative cellophane envelopes and I found them!
I didn't spend anytime searching for them as they were all in their designated homes and I LOVED that.

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